MTK 446 electronic timer


The MTK 446 timer is made by Sergey Makarov, Revaz Targamadze, Mikhail Kochkarev and Andrey Vlasenko. Thanks are owed to Anders Persson (Sweden) for his help and for the PALM software.

This timer is configurable for the class of model it is installed in and, additionally, can be connected to an altitude sensor and an RCDT radio override for trimming. In F1A configuration it supports the On Line Acceleration (OLA) system which is described below. It can work with normal or inertial F1A tow hooks. In F1B or F1C configuration a tachometer can be fitted to measure propeller RPM during the motor run.

The MTK timer was first sold in 2002. An upgraded model, which introduced the RCDT radio override, appeared at the start of the 2004 season. RCDT support is the only functional difference from the 2002 version, with both models able use the same SETUP and FLIGHT programs. The Timer connections section of this manual contains enough information to allow you to identify the timer version and to find the serial number (e-block number) on the 2004 version.

This manual applies to all versions of the timer except where explicitly stated.