Glasflugel H.201 Standard Libelle, Werk nr. 82.


Date Hours Launches Event
1969 Built as werk nr 82.
12/03/1970 n/a n/a Bought from Glasflugel by the GSA and registered as G-AXZH.
09/04/1977 1775 2368 Bought by F.Waller, Yarmouth. Transferred to the BGA register as 2247. Assigned the trigraph DNL and competition number 742. The current log book was issued at this point.
26/04/1978 1916 2485 Bought by J.R.Horst and syndicate, Bicester.
18/05/1979 2029 2597 Bought by D.Oxley and syndicate, RAF Wyton. They fitted a Kestrel water ballast system and had the airbrake pivots replaced.
1981 n/a n/a Registration G-AXZH was cancelled: reason unknown, probably CAA housekeeping.
25/07/1982 n/a n/a The spar locking pin bearings were reamed out and an oversize silver steel pin was fitted.
02/05/1983 2764 3262 Wing was re-gel coated and the water ballast system was removed.
17/12/1984 2764 3262 Bought by J.Palmer, Peterborough. The log book records that on the same date it was ground looped and required repairs to splits in the tail boom and surface repairs to the port wing. The following August the rigging pins on the spar stubs were replaced.
1986 Not flown.
04/04/1987 2799 3295 Bought by B.Bergson, Aylesbury.
19/05/1997 2905 3404 The glass round the spar stubs was realigned and bushes renewed in the undercarriage.
07/04/2001 2972 3494 Bought by P.Luckhurst, Norwich.
27/07/2001 2980 3516 Damaged landing on rough ground. Damage to the lower fuselage under the cockpit.
06/01/2002 2980 3516 Bought by Martin Breen. Returned to flying condition after reweighing.
Not flown between 6/1/2002 and 17/6/2005.
18/06/2005 2980 3516 Bought by Chris Davison, Nottingham. Life extension to 6000 hours with inspections every 1000 hours. Assigned comp number CD.
31/03/2006 3004 3530 Bought by Martin Gregorie, Harlow. Assigned comp number 123.
12/02/2008 3055 3585 Transitioned to EASA certification. Registration G-AXZH reactivated.
15/06/2017 3215 3746 TE probe on fin repaired.
07/09/2017 3221 3750 Replaced port aileron drive, deflection checked.
31/03/2018 3232 3766 TE probe moved to nose. Undercarriage refinished with powder coating and retract bearing tubes replaced.