Fri 29th: Day 6

Paul flew this day. The day initially looked good but the forecast promised spreadout and rain cells, so a 128 km triangle was set with turn points at Towcester and Grafham Water. Paul was away soon after the gate opened and whizzed down a cloud street that led straight into a rain shower. He avoided that but then made the mistake of trying to press south straight through the dead area around it rather than turning back east towards the good lift and searching for an alternative route. Arriving under some scraggly looking clouds at Bedford he spent a fruitless 15 minutes scratching around for lift and finding none before landing in a huge, flat stubble field just on the west side of Bedford. He covered 22 km in 28 minutes for 27th place.

Day 6 trace

I had him out of the field and back home in time for drinks before dinner.