K&P Timer

KP Aero Models have released a timer that is primarily designed for the E36 class though it could be used in an F1Q with fixed surfaces. It controls a brushed or brushless motor through a BEC equipped ESC, which powers the timer. The timer has four controls: a start button and three trimpots which are used to set the timer's functions and are set with a screwdriver. The trimpots are each labelled with their function, which are:

The timer is armed when the battery is connected or a switch in the positive line from ESC to timer is closed. Pushing the (remote) start button starts the motor and starts the timer when it is released. In other words, when you want to fly, hold the start button down and prepare to launch while the motor ramps up to full power. Then launch: the timer starts as you release the model.

This timer may be a better option if you don't like setting DIL switches, blipping push buttons or using a PDA to set the timer. It is priced at around £18.00. At the time of writing this timer does not appear in the KP Aero Models online catalogue.