MaxMen 2003 - F1A, F1B, F1C

As is usual for this event, F1A, F1B and F1C are run to a 14 round format with 7 rounds on each day. The first day, Saturday, was pretty much a repeat of Mini day only calmer. The day started calm, cool and overcast and warmed up in the afternoon but remained mostly cloudy with a fairly low cloud base. Sunday was altogether more variable. The start was again cool, calm and overcast, but with a sufficiently dense mist to cause the organisers to worry about rain and to postpone the morning's super max flight to the second round of the day. After the third round the drift reversed and picked up. meanwhile cumulus started to pop. The last four flights were flown under normal thermally conditions with a moderate breeze that never got strong enough to make towing difficult. The conditions were interesting in the afternoon. We had an easterly at ground level and a similar strength westerly above cloud base. However, that was the local situation: within 3-5 Km the clouds were indicating both easterly and south-westerly air flows in different parts of the sky.


We were distributed over two adjacent poles. Chris and Mike were on one, while Julian, John Cooper, Dave Oldfield and myself were on the other pole.

F1A flightline Javier Abad
The flight line from the F1A end. Javier Abad
Breeman van Eldik
Cenny Breeman sets his model up while Jan Somers watches. Anton van Eldik considering his next move.
van Dijk Stamov, van Dijk
Marten van Dijk explaining a point to Tom Cousins. Viktor Stamov and Marten van Dijk between flights.
Kocharev Kocharev, Stamov
Mikhail Kocharev. Mikhail Kocharev, his daughter and Viktor Stamov.
British timekeepers
Timekeeping during an afternoon round: Julian Pennington, Dave Oldfield, John Cooper, Martin Gregorie.
© Jerry Barnette, 2003
Beschasny F1A flyoff
Vassily Beschasny and son. F1A flyoff.


Burdov Kulakovski
Burdov. Kulakovski.


Randy Archer
Randy Archer.

The end of an excellent contest.