Stels 049

Stels 049 left side Stels 049 right side

Late model Stels 049 with straight rear exhausts. The earlier models had raked exhausts. This example is fitted with a suction venturi and KustomKraftsmanship fine thread needle valve assembly. Chris Murphy photos.

The Stels was produced in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was essentially a more powerful Cox TeeDee 049 and is no longer available.

The engine is an extensive redesign of the original AME-049. It had a Cox-type brass barrel incorporating ABC technology and mounted to the case by screws through the lowest fin on the barrel and into the top of case. The lowest fin was thickened and also served to close the top of the cast-in transfer ports. Early units had far too thin a lower fin that failed, allowing the cylinder to be blown off, but later samples were OK. The engine used standard Cox heads. My example bench ran at around 23-24K on an APC 5 x 2.