Semekyj hook

Hook system

This little sketch intrigued us when we first spotted it in the USSR publication Wings of the Fatherland. On investigation, we find that it is a means of auto-rudder application through a towhook that is both spring loaded and pivotting. Object is to improve control when the model is at the apex of the tow and for tactical reasons it becomes necessary to tow fast. Study of the diagrams will illustrate the possibilities. The pivotted towhook will, as is normal in such cases, pull the auto-rudder to a stage where it does not affect the tow. Then, if additional stress is applied through a faster tow, the spring is compressed and the auto-rudder is permitted further movement back towards the flight setting. Juri Sokolov who described this idea by A. Semekyj says that this is an ideal method of gaining 5 to 8 meters by rushing the glider into a high speed natural turn just before release.

- Aeromodeller, September 1962.